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5/8 inch
Lanyard Preview
SKU# L09
Lanyard Style Blank Polyester
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Lanyard Width

1 inch 25 mm
Standard 12 mm
3/4 inch 20 mm
5/8 inch 15 mm
1/2 inch 12 mm
3/8 inch 10 mm
1/4 inch 7 mm

Lanyard Length

Small 30 inch
Standard 36 inch
Large 42 inch
Extra Large 48 inch

Lanyard Quality

Standard Standard
Premium Premium

Printing Style

Laser Printing Laser Printing
Screen Printing Screen Printing

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Product Description

Looking for the perfect accessory to elevate your event experience? Our Blank Polyester Lanyards are a cost-effective solution for displaying credentials, badges, or keys. We design our lanyards with heavy-duty straps to meet your immediate lanyard needs, providing both style and functionality.

Amplify Durability
Amplify the longevity of your event with our Blank Polyester Lanyards. We construct our lanyards from premium thick polyester to ensure exceptional wear resistance and reliability throughout any event.

Maximize Value
Maximize the value of your event budget with our Blank Polyester Lanyards. These lanyards offer an excellent balance of affordability and quality, allowing you to showcase your brand or event confidently.

Customize and Captivate
Customize your lanyards to captivate your audience. Create your lanyards with various product colors and hardware attachments that perfectly reflect your brand or event, leaving a lasting impression.
Ensure you equip your attendees with attractive lanyards that showcase your brand or event theme. Order our Blank Polyester Lanyards today!